Railway Training Institute has been in existence since 1956 when it was first opened. The Institute library services are stocking of audio-visual equipment, textbooks, journals, newspapers among others.

The name "Desai Memorial Library" came about by being beneficiary of donations of books and ICT materials from Desai Memorial Foundation in 1996.

The sitting capacity if the library is currently 200 people.

Collection & Services

The library has grown from a few reference books to 20,000 volumes including journals. In addition to printed materials, the library holds an extensive range of information on other media. This includes CD ROM, videotapes, slides, and microforms. These materials form the essential resources to support the teaching, learning and research activities. 

The Library has extensive subject collections to support both recommended and background reading as well as daily newspapers.

The Library has three (3) main sections. Books that are in constant demand are kept in a separate short loan collection for overnight borrowing. The reference section is stocked with rare material like Dictionaries, Maps, Charts and more. Long loan Section comprises a variety of textbooks for all the departments in the Institute. The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

The reading space is quite convenient with quiet individual spaces. Most books are on open access and can be borrowed for one(1) week at a time subject to recall when required by other readers.

New students are oriented to the services provided by the library. The staff is always available to give expert advice and help with information and Research skills.  

The library has a module which is anchored to the Institute's  Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). The library users are required to only carry smart cards and the borrowing or the return of the books can be affected. The automation of these services is ongoing in order to serve the users better.

Since the population of the students has kept increasing, the library shall be expanded. Information Services are at the heart of teaching, learning, and research. Therefore, plans are underway to enable users to access inter-library lending which enables information seekers to obtain items not held in our own library through the e-library networking.

Library Rules and Regulations


  • RTI Registered students.
  • Teaching and Supporting Staff on identification.
  • Any other users must apply to the director and will be required to pay a registration fee before the authorization.

Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 8.00pm

The library is open throughout lunch hours.

Week-ends: 9.00am - 1.00pm

The library remains closed on Sundays and on Public Holidays.

3. Proper conduct must be observed in the library e.g. placing the feet on the furniture, writing on the corrals, eating, smoking, sleeping or fighting in the library are forbidden. Silence must be observed at all times. Mutilation by cutting or writing in library books is not allowed

4. Books or other materials will only be taken out of the library on loan after they have been issued by the library staff.

5. Authorized borrowers may take books for a loan period of seven days (1 week) beyond which the overdue fines will be charged as follows:

  • Ksh.5/= per day for the 5 days and Ksh.7/= per day for the 5 days, thereafter the borrower will be required to replace the book.
  • The users are allowed to borrow a maximum of 2 books.
  • The loan is renewable on request provided the item is not required by another user.
  • Reference books are charged Ksh.5/= per hour for the number of days overstay.
6. Reference books are not for loan to members but may be issued to the teaching staff on very special occasions for a period not exceeding 24 hours on any particular day.

7. Stealing and attempting to steal a library book or property is an offense and those caught will be severely dealt with.

8. Library materials consulted in the library shall not be re-shelved by the users they should be left on the reading tables.

9. Users are responsible for checking that the books they borrow are not damaged in any way before they are borrowed. The cost of repair/replacement will be met by the person who borrowed the book(s).

10. Bottles of ink or any other liquids, briefcases, and trunks are not allowed in the library.

11. The right to borrow will be withdrawn unless all overdue books have been returned.

12. No unaccompanied visitors are allowed in the library except with permission from the director. The same applies to students who on completion of their courses have been cleared by the Institute.

13. All library users are required to clear with the library and must pay for lost books, overdue fines, and any administrative costs immediately.

14. The librarian reserves the right to recall any material out on loan, and the borrower is required to return the material so recalled without delay.

15. Any users who disregard these rules and regulations may have their privileges withdrawn.

16. Any personal material for the references e.g. personal files should first be declared at the circulation desk before permission is granted for use in the library. Bags and any personal effects shall be left at the entrance at owner's risk.


  • In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, "User" is any person who has been admitted to use the library.
  • These regulations may be revised from time to time as need arises without any notice.