Admission to the library and use of the library materials are conditional upon strict observance of the following regulations and ignorance of these will not be an excuse for non-observance.

In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires:

a) Library material includes all resources held by the library e.g. Books, journals, pictures, photographs, maps, sound cassettes, microfilms etc forming part of the library collection.

b) User is any person who has been authorized to use the library.

1. Authorized Users:

• RTI registered students

• KR staff on identification

• Any other user must apply to the Director and will be required to pay Registration fee before authorization.

2. Working Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Saturday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

The library remain closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

3. General Rules on the Use of the Library

a) Student /staff Card and Biometric authorization is compulsory for getting access to the library.

b) SILENCE is to be observed in the Library all the time. Non-compliance to this is an offence and liable to being prohibited for using the library.

c) Use of A MOBILE PHONE is NOT ALLOWED in the library. Users MUST switch off their mobile phones or set them in a silent tone. Usage of mobile phones as well as ringing mobile phones will be confiscated.

d) Readers must leave their bags, brief cases, paper bags, etc. to the Cloak Room with the Staff at the library entrance who will issue one Card per item left with him/her at no cost. No person will be allowed to collect each other’s properties from the Library Cloak Room.

e) Users are advised not to keep valuable items in their bags or briefcases.

f) The Library Management accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for personal belongings left in the Library.

g) Wearing of jackets/overcoats, hats and slippers are not allowed in the Library.

h) Smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping are forbidden in the Library.

i) Ink bottles, paints etc which may accidentally damage library materials should not be brought into the Library.

j) The reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. Books and other materials left for any length of time on chairs and tables may be removed by the Library staff. Items left in the Library will be cleared away during the closing time. Removal and or shifting of chairs and tables is not allowed in the Library.

k) Books picked and consulted from the OPEN shelves should NOT BE SHELVED, leave them on the desk/table after use.

l) Library materials should be handled with care. Marking on the materials, tearing pages etc are not allowed and may lead to initiation of stringent disciplinary action.

m) Open shelve books are not to be taken out of the library without proper charging procedures by Library Staff on duty.

n) Library materials taken in and out of the Library MUST be checked by the Library Security staff at the Library Entrance.

o) Reading between the shelves is prohibited because it interferes with the shelving and retrieval processes.

p) Stealing or attempting to steal library materials/property is an offence and when caught will be severely dealt with.

4. Borrowing Rules and Regulations

a) The right to borrow from the library is accorded to persons mentioned in clause 1 above who are also registered as library users.

b) Library materials on Long loan will be issued as per the table below:

 Category of Users No. of Books Duration

1 Students 2 1 week

2 Teaching- Staff 4 2 weeks

3 Non-Teaching Staff 2 2 weeks

c) Short Loan books are allowed only for 1 day (24hrs).

d) Reference books, journals and magazines are only for consultation within the library and are not to be taken out of the library premise.

e) All students MUST complete the library registration form, which is obtained from the circulation desk and must sign the declaration to abide by the regulations.

f) Users must ensure that the contacts given in the registration form is up to date.

g) Borrowed library materials are non- transferable and a borrower shall remain responsible for materials issued to him/her until it is returned.

h) Library materials which have already been borrowed by other users may be reserved by ‘holding’ at the circulation desk and can be recalled back at any time by the library staff.

i) Request for any book may be received but may also be reduced by the library staff depending on the demand for the book.

5. Reserved Books Borrowing.

a) Books on reserve as may be specified by the Library staff are for use by Academic (staff) and students following the particular course of study and will not be taken out of the Library.

b) Reserved Books may be borrowed by students and staff for a maximum period of 2 (Two) hours only or less with special permission from the Library staff at the circulation desk.

c) Users must leave their Original Identity/student/staff cards behind when borrowing Reserved Books.

6. Accessing E-Library/Library Internet/Computers

a) The Library has Internet service accessible through Wi-Fi both within and outside the Library Building. Users who may not have personal laptops can use the available Library Computers to access such Internet and other related academic research service. These are only for the registered Library Users.

b) All Library users who expect to access Library computer services MUST adhere to the Rules or else will be ordered to leave the Library and face the disciplinary action.

c) Upon entry into the E-Library section, first register in the Library computer log book.

d) Only one Computer is allowed per person at a time. FACE BOOK, TWITTER, GAMES, MUSIC PLAYING, and none academic or research based activities are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. Any person found guilty of such will be ordered to leave or else face disciplinary actions.

e) DO NOT REMOVE OR REPLACE any peripheral device, power cables, Chairs, tables etc. without permission. DO NOT INSTALL OR UNINSTALL any software program(s). Any person found guilty of such will face disciplinary actions.

f) Library computers are strictly for academics and other researches ONLY. One person is allowed to use one computer for a maximum of two (2) hours ONLY. No sharing of computers. Booking of a specific computer number ahead of time is NOT ALLOWED.

7. Reminders for Overdue Books.

a) Only one reminder about the overdue library materials will be sent to users. In case of failure to return the library material (s) within 3 days in his or her possession, an email will be sent to him/her and a phone call as a final reminder

b) No further loans/borrowing of any kind will be made to the user who has library material (s) in his possession which he/she has failed to return in response to the recall notice.

8. Fines and Payment for Lost/Damaged Books

a) Library materials borrowed should be returned on or before the due date stamped, if returned late overdue fine will be charged for the delayed period as follows;

 Kshs. 5.00 per day for overdue long loan books

 Kshs. 40.00 per day for overdue short loan books.

b) Users who loose library books will be required to replace the book(s) of the same or with latest edition.

c) The right to borrow may be withdrawn until all the books have been returned and any outstanding fines have been paid.

d) When the amount of fines levied exceeds the costs of replacing the book, the user will be charged for the book as if it were lost.

e) Fines and charges will be paid directly to the RTI Accounts Office and the payment slips/receipts will be brought to the library.

f) Fines and charges will be regarded as debts in the case of non-payment. Defaulters WILL NOT be cleared from the library.


• Users should obey the library rules and regulations. Violation of rules and any act of misbehavior to the library staff will lead to strong disciplinary actions.

• These Rules and Regulations may be revised as need arises without any notice.